Welcome to the website of Archduke Ludwig Salvator, where you will meet a fascinating person who dedicated his life to the research and documentation of Mediterranean islands and countries and their cultures.

Ludwig Salvator's quest was always to reveal the beauty and poetry of nature, to lend a voice to often overlooked and seemingly insignificant things. He wanted to point to the need for dialogue and respect when encountering other cultures as a basis for peaceful coexistence.
We are able to offer insight into the works of the Archduke for the first time without needing to obtain access to rare collections, which is often difficult.

Our comprehensive website wishes to facilitate an exchange of thoughts and views across borders. For this reason the intention of this website is not limited to presenting the biography of an eccentric prince of Hapsburg. By making Ludwig Salvator's invaluable work accessible to a wider circle of persons, we hope that it will bear fruit in a most diverse way. We invite all friends of the Mediterranean area, scientists, travellers, artists and collectors and hope you will be inspired by our project.

Help us to complete and enrich these pages - which are seen as "work in progress" - in Ludwig Salvator's sense. Whether you just let yourself be lead by Ludwig Salvator to places at the Mediterranean Sea that are still most delightful, or if you are looking for a more comprehensive study of his work, we hope you will derive much pleasure from his extraordinary legacy while "searching for traces".

Dr. Wolfgang Löhnert
Ludwig Salvator-Society / Vienna